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James Trumper of the Red Cow Beerhouse, Ackleton, was charged by PC Briggs with keeping his house open on Sunday the 2nd December for the sale of liquor. Thomas Broom of Badger who was convicted at the last sessions and fined 10s and 8s 2d costs. The defendant’s licence was produced and as there was already a conviction he was fined 40s and 12s 8d costs and licence endorsed.
Susannah Evers, grocer, of Claverley, sold a packet of coffee as pure coffee which was coffee and chicory. The defence was that she had bought it as pure coffee from Mr Davies of Wolverhampton. He agreed to pay any costs incurred but would not admit any liability. The case was dismissed but costs of the case to be paid.
Wolverhampton Chronicle 16th January 1878

Selling Beer Out Of Hours And Adulteration Of Coffee
1878, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2015/05/19
Tags: Adulteration Of Food Susannah Evers Badger Claverley Ackleton Thomas Broom James Trumper

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