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Minute Book For Wyken Manor, Worfield
1790-1850, Wyken, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2016/03/12
Tags: Thomasine Painton Job Beard Gilbert Browne George Appleby Edward Idinson Richard Peaton Thomas Sedgewick Elizabeth Sedgewick William Corfield John Corfield William Parker Hardwicke Barnfield Devey Thomas Fowler Fowke Holland Charles Yonge William Botterele Thomas Powis Mary Harris Langley Hall John Mason John Fox Nathaniel Bedford Thomas Farmer William Cheney John Davis Samuel Robinson John Harper John Alsop Sarah Etheridge William Hipkins Peel Street Walsall Thomas Barnett John Cotes John Kendardine Crutchley Thomas Dicken Ablow Field William Ready Joseph Seager Richard Nevitt Mary Nevitt Richard Baker John Beaumont William Davis Susannah Bowen John Jasper Joseph Williamson Thomas Wheelright John Taylor Joan Nicholas Elizabeth Hartshorne Mary Corfield Thomas Bowen John Purton Thomas Taylor Thomas Parry William Taylor Of Worfield Mary Molineux Sarah Jasper Elizabeth Hill Of Worfield Allan Pollock Grazebrook Thomas Dalloway Edmund Sherrington Davenport Thomas Perry James Hand William Congreve Marshall John Jenkins Thomas Clare Abigail Bache Francis Harrison Peters Of Wyken Edward Barker Benjamin Wellings Sarah Jenkins William Hammond Jane Hammond John Pritchard Sandy Pits Joseph Malpas Charles Bowen Luke Bowen Sarah Nicholls Edmund Farmer Bowen Upper Cumballs Catherine Brasier Catherine Marshall Enoch Leadbetter John Sadler Creswell Pigot Jordan’s Yard The Lowe Beard’s Meadow Low Yard Bland’s Yard Broad Bridge Meadow Barrett’s Yard Joseph Thomas Parkes William Sing John Smith Rush Croft The Yard Churlford Meadow James Meredith Thomas Smith’ Lowe Meadow Upper Wyken Meadow Butler’s Hill Esther Bromwich Little Meadow Mutlands Meadow William Allerton Moses Piper Edward Davies James Marshall John Bache Ann Bache James Molineux Elizabeth Blanche Burton Thomason James Brasier George Pritchard Rev Henry Beckwith George Nicholas John Holder John Painter James L Loyd William Nicholas

These are the summaries of court barons of Wyken in the nineteenth century

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