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Worfield Court Roll 5586/1/253
1594-1595, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2016/05/07
Tags: Mule Margaret Dovey Dovye Walkers Ruddungs Bentley Ruddings William Wright William Wryt Bittinmore Dawyard Field Hilton William Marrall Richard Smallman Hoccom Ridges Elizabeth Marrall Thomas Marrall Peter Rowley Not Practising Archery Longbows Daniel Rowley Isaac Rowley John Chester John Prat William Fathers Stratford Cross Heath James Wase Gregory Monk Thomas Newe Francis Broke Thomas Kempstock Richard Milner Hugh Yate Claverley Richard Pirry William Gravenor William Jannes Henry Haselwood William Sedley George Bickerton Prysts Yard Margaret Bickerton Richard Barbor James Abowen Chesterton Hogmans Land Ewke Francis Kinnersley Frances Marrall John Wever Walter Beche William Beche William Hoccom Francis Kynnersley John Sadler John Yate Hallon The Deane Katharins Dale Chemsell Field Cromerfield Hugh Clerke William Dovye Trindelmarsh Maserdine Roger Rowley Thomas Prystes Roger Walton William Broke Alexander Beche John Matthew Roger Crogenton Thomas Horde John Frodsley Richard Ames John Obery Richard Dey Thomas Golde William Golde Thomas Barret John Kewrton John Baker Thomas Prysts William Barney Edwrad Shenton John Burnell William Matthew John Crogenton John Barbor Agnes Rowley John Barret Of Newton Stephen Bradney William Bradney William Billingsley Hugh Newton John Walker Fold Hatches William Kyrkham John Bett John Marrall Roger Walker John Underhill Thomas Walker Richard Barret Francis Hatton Richard Hosggens Alexander Barker Richard Grome Thomas Newton Illegal Nets Richard Sonde Soaking Hemp And Flax Woollen Hats Lancelot Thomason Affray William Newe John Barbor Plea Out Of Court Roger Catsrey John Hytchcocks Anna Bradborne John Hitchcox (6d) John Garbot (6d) Thomas Bradborne (6d) John Barbor (6d) Acleton Enclosures Manor Court Roll Worfield Court Roll

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