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Worfield Court Roll 5586/1/254
1596, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2016/07/06
Tags: Bromley Riddings John Wakeman Daniel Obrine Daniel O’brian Thomas Paramore Gymp Meadow Joan Kyrkham Margaret Warter William Warter John Awcocks John Trylland Agnes Oberyrichard Pitt Humphrey Naylor Roughton Green William Barret James Rowley Hare William Myttens Bowls Randolph Turner Margaret Branderd John Humlott William Millens John Marrall Alice Synge Richard Synge John Wever William Newe Thomas Prysts Agnes Thomason Jane Bradborne Peter Rowley Isaac Rowley Thomas Prysse Henry Haselwood John Underhill Richard Tailor Richard Taylor John Vallans William Broke Alex Bache Richard Mathewe Richard Yate John Gold William Marrall Thomas Beche Launcelot Billingsley Richard Billingsley John Thomason Johnnewton John Shawcrosse William Kyrkham Roger Crogenton John Oseley Thomas Horde Roger Baker Richard Ames John Obery Francis Billingsley Francis Rowley Hugh Wells John Wells Thomas Walker John Sadler John Foxall Roger Jannes William Mathewe John Garbet John Hitchcocke John Catsrey Thomas Bradborn Jane Bromley James Bowen John Warter John Barret Of Auscot Humphrey Clewet Edward Shenton John Crogenton Roger Weber Roger Catstrey Richard Dey George Stanton William Barney Jeremy Warter Richard Hatton Hugh Clerke John Grome Richard Sonde John Frodsley Alex Barker John Taylor John Walker John Rowley Richard Robens Thomas Crowther William Rowley Overstocking Mill William Webbe George Bradburn John Kewerton John Lem Woollen Hats Margaret Walker Thomas Smyth Thomas Hubbard Richard Hoggens Humphrey Potter Thomas Beeche Thomas Webbe Timon Marrall Stephen Webb William Smyth Roger Walton Flax Hemp William Billingsley John Granger Thomas Barret William Bradney William Hoccom John Barbor Stephen Bradeney Robert Barret John Baker Richard Barret John Broke Richard Bradney John Barret Of Oldington Roger Rowley John Baduley

John Wells of London, a girdler, had married Ann Robens of Worfield, daughter of Hugh Robins and through her entitlement acquired an interest in land in Worfield. This now passes to Hugh Wells their son. Apart from this the transfer of land has been lax and has to be put right and then it is business as usual, fines for minor transgressions and transfers of property

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