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The Barker Family Of Hallon
1300-1680, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by janes at 2016/08/11
Tags: Barker William Barker Of Hallon Joan Wannerton William Wannerton George Bromley Jane Bromley William Davenport John Wannerton Ann Barker Of Hallon

The gentry of Worfield most people know of are the Davenport family. William Davenport inherited property in Worfield from his wife, Jane Bromley who was the grand-daughter of George Bromley and Ann Barker. The grand-daughter's inheritance was contested by the second son of George and Ann, Edward Bromley, but the decision in favour of Jane Bromley and William Davenport was made after decades of dispute. We can only assume that the status of the Barkers was equal to that of the Bromleys and therefore they were of high status. They were entitled also to bear arms. The Barkers came to Worfield in the thirteenth century from Calverhall near Whitchurch. We can't be sure why that was but it may have been to escape retribution from the King for a planned uprising by the Lord of the Manor. If this were the case it would follow that the Barkers had a high status in Calverhall but this is conjecture. Confirmation needed that this is the Barker shield which I understand should correctly be described as a shield 'tierced in fess.

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