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Worfield Court Roll 1422
1422, Worfield, Shropshire, Uploaded by janes at 2017/02/20
Tags: 1374/1/262 John Dolyes John Dolyes Of Huggeford William Baker Philip Underhill Thomas Merewall John Heth John Bradeney William Newe Agnes Willen William Bromley Roger Jones Nicholas Stanlowe Roger Hulle Of Roughton John Walton Henry Halle John Holygreve John Whitbrook John Colynson Joan Bromley Joan Swynney John Swynney Joan Goldsmith Richard Goldsmith Joan Hemme William Hemme Agnes Batemon William Batemon Richard Bulbas Joan Malcher Rowley Mill Rowlowe Mill Hamondmeadowe Wynterplace Barkerslond Isabella Barker Robert Barker Churle Waltford Richard Bradeney Merewalle Beche Giles Hide Giles Hide Of Dalley Margery Osborn Margary Osborn John Collettes John Hill John Hulle John Hulle Of Hulton John Heven Thomas Jenkyns Thomas Manlove William Dudley Thomas Bradeney Trespass John Dolyn Henry Perton Roger Baret John Dolyn Of Huggeford William Baker And Richard Aldich Thomas Underhull Thomas Toward Robert Bruggeende John Barndeley Roger Walton John Roulowe Richard O’the Walle William Hankys William Dalley Thomas Huggecock Roger Gerbot Hugh Valance Roger Gerbot John Nedell Roger Jenkins Thomas Janne William Johnson Roger Roulowe William Barker John Mathen John Brook John Willen Roger Prestees Richard Netherton Roger Felton John Gerbot Simon Rugge Alice Taillour William Ingeman Alice Sonde Roger Dalley Johanna Merewall William Golde Richard Smyth Matilda Stanlowe William Stevenes Henry Barker John Byllingsley John Bullok Wyken Bridge John Baret John Baret Of Stockton Henry Buffrey Impoundment Thomas Haslewood John Bromley Road Lampittes Thomas Rowlowe Juliane Atte Walle Stephen Atte Walle John Bullock Skynner William Gerbot John Snell John Kynerton John Underhull Stephen Stanlowe Stephen Bradeney Thomas Tomkys John Jonson Robert Webbe John Janne John Rowlowe William Wermot Roger Tenneshende John Jenkys Roger Cattestre John Hunt Thomas Richards

Court Roll of Worfield in Shropshireheld at Shropshire Archives 1374/262

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