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The accounts of the reeve of Worfield and Wyken in the seventeenth century iwhich includes this description of the duties of the reeve. In return for carrying out these duties the reeve receives 3s 4d per year

...out of which £2 15s 1d I had 3s 4d being my due, being reeve this year 1647 which every reeve hath for his paines being the lord’s officer for the reeve’s year. That office being served for the 9 half yard land in Wyken only every ninth year I have it ... The aforesaid 3s 4d is every reeve’s allowance that is the yeares chief rent for a half yard land, and the staff or rodd containing 9 foots as they call it, & nooks and corners in the 2 Parsons Meadowes the reeve has to himself. And the duty that he has to perform is to gather the lord’s chief rent of his tenants as appeares by rent rolle, give summons when the court shall be to the copy holders and tenants and call the court ... heriots that are due to the lord etc. To cause the lord’s meadows to be mown and the hay made having notice given him for that purpose every half yard land sending one mower and two hay makers till it be made ready for carrying. And then they are not to be troubled any more with it but to tell the lord it is made and deliver it up. Three days warning for mowing and making the meadows is usual. When the mowers have mowed the meadows they are to have drinking. The lord to spend 12d and the reeve 6d. And likewise when the haymakers have made the hay they are likewise to a drinking and cakes that is every hay maker a farthing cake and drink. The lord then spends 12d and the reeve 18d in the whole the lord 2s and the reeve 2s which is the due. What more they please. 

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