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The records of Bridgnorth fair as sellers of animals around 1614 included Roger Barber who was a drover-grazier from Chesterton in Worfield. He was licensed as a drover in 1614 and regularly travelled to Shrewsbury, buying a total of 33 oxen and 32 beasts between 1609 and 1637. He and Thomas New, also from Worfield, were among the most prominent sellers of cattle at Bridgnorth at this time

Extract from, 'Midland History'  'The Cattle Trade of Shropshire in the late Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries', Midland History, 6 (1981) Edwards, P. R., 

Worfield Drovers And Cattle Dealers
1609-1637, Shropshire, Uploaded by janes at 2018/01/03
Tags: Cattle Dealers Cattle Drovers Bridgnorth Market Thomas New Roger Barber Drover

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