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Worfield Apprenticeship Register P314/L/10/1
1816-1836, Worfield, Uploaded by janes at 2018/03/05
Tags: William Butcher William Fletcher Joseph Willis John Bacon John Goodwin James Molineux John Jenkins John Hoccom Peter Reynolds Michael S Stokes John Bradeney George Nicholas J Elcock George Green Samuel George Joseph Green Henry Skelding Elizabeth Smith Thomas Pawton Charles Walker Jg Smythe Wy Davenport Ridley Stokes Clark Henry Wood John Smith John Hayward Pratt Thomas Worrall Richard Taylor William Bowen Edward Bennett Edward Pinner Fryer Samuel Joynson Joseph Tongue John Groom Smythe Joel Butcher James Eykin John Meredith E Farmer Bowen Thomas Wilson George Davis John Rose Chesterton Mill Ann Myers William Bate Valentine Vickers John Bache We Powell E Davenport James Shipley Sing John Jasper Richard Poole Stanier Bright Worrall Hardwick Bourne James Marshall Daubrie Christopher Simmons Anne Barnfield Thomas Bowen John Clarke William Dallow James Wilkinson William Davis John Hoofe Thomas Clewit Edward Billingsley Richard Tedstill Francis Ancton Phesey Francis Hordern Jane Taylor Sarah Painter Mary Bradley John Cockram Jane Henrietta Holmer Elizabeth Crow James Clewett Robert Cartwright Martha Cartwright Elizabeth Hall Susannah Painter Jane Solloway John Colley William Davies William Colley John Sherwood John Walton Elizabeth Clewett Ann Clewett William Higgins Charles Cartwright John Richards Frances Pumford William Richards Mary Walton Mary Cockram Sarah Clark Humphrey Clark Ann Clark Thomas Carter Richard Williams John Williams William Pritchard Thomas Williams Sarah Pritchard John Pritchard Margaret Hand Samuel Hand Sarah Tedstill William Tedstill James Bishop Edward Fowler Hannah Fowler William Pinches George Fowler Mary Pinches Richard Pinches John Tedstill Elizabeth Fowler Samuel Fowler Sarah Hall Mary Bishop Thomas Bishop Elizabeth Anson Thomas Adams Mary Anson Apprentices

These are the Apprentices which were allocated to their Masters/Mistresses by the Parish of Worfield; poor children who might otherwise be a burden on the Parish itself. Most are allocated within the parish.

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