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What is now called Lower Hall was once the Rectory of Worfield and next door was the vicarage. This extract shows the arrangement concerning the vicarage

In 1394 (Doc Ref XBOY/6/2/R299849 Shropshire Archives) it was agreed with the Dean and Chapter of Lichfield Cathedral that the vicars shall have the chamber and hall, with the garden place as far as the paling which stretches from the entry door of the rectory to the stream running to the lord's mill as his dwelling.

In 1548 Worfield Rectory was leased to Sir John Talbot from Dean Williams (LD/30/4/3/164). This John Talbot was the Lord of the Manor of Albrighton and lived at Pepperhill. He died in 1549 so one supposes he may never have lived at Worfield. Eventually the Worfield properties of Lower Hall and Wyken were purchased by Henry Davenport who brought a Chancery case against George and Thomas Talbot because he said he was not aware that annuities were due to certain people. The Talbotts claimed that the annuities were reflected in the purchase price of the property. Richard Ridley states the view of trustees of the property which Henry Davenport then answers. These documents are so convoluted it is hard to get any sense of what is going on but I thinks the gist of this is that Henry Davenport knew exactly what he was getting himself into. The document is useful partly because it gives a clear indication of which Talbot line lived at Lower Hall.

[This is attched to the main document]

To Sir john Somers, Lord Keeper of the … Seal of England


… unto your lordship your orator Richard Ridley of Astley Abbotts in the County of Salop gent and George Talbot of the Hay in the County of Salop, that whereto Thomas Talbot and Katherine his wife, father and mother of your orator George Talbot and your orator George Talbot this Thomas Talbot his brother and by their indentures dated the 27 Aug in the 13th year of Charles II mentioned to be made between them of the first part and John Wolrich and others for the conditions therein mentioned did amongst other things agree to suffer a recovery of the Rectory of Worfield in the County of Salop to the use of the said John Wolrich your said orator Richard Ridley their executors administrators and assigns from the 6 July last past before the date of the said deed to which the schedule of debts was amongst this which ought to have been paid long since and your orator further showeth unto your lordship that your orator Richard Ridley  and John Wolrich being so instructed and the reversion of the premises after the trust in the said deed should be performed by writing the same deed ?all which doings of the said Henry Davenport contrary to equity in tender consideration whereof and to the end the said Henry Davenport before this answer made to all and singular the premises and may set forth the articles of agreement first made between your orator this the said Henry Davenport touching the sale of the said Rectory and lands in whose hands the same is or last was as he knows and why the deed by which he purchased the same of your said orator did not ?pursue… the said articles and who are the same and why he pretends [2 words smudged] the rent to be an incumbrance to which he was  a stranger and how long he hath paid the same and whether he  did not know thereof at the time of his purchase and had an allowance in his purchase in respect of the same and why he pretends the said purchase a hard bargain and whether Kynnerlyes lease be not in his hands or in the hands or custody of some other with his privity and whether he had not the same sometime ago there delivered him and by Thomas and  and where the same now is or in whose hands or custody he last saw the same and whether there be any …made by any person under the same  to the said Rectory … ar any part thereof and that the said Richard Ridley may  be discharged from the trust aforesaid and indemnified by the said Henry Davenport …  may if it please your lordship to …unto your orators their these their … which subpoena to be directed to the said Henry Davenport


Nicholas Hooper



Lower Hall, Worfield
1394-1700, Worfield, Uploaded by janes at 2018/07/27
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