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1837-1870, Quatt, Shropshire, England
1543-1800, Worfield, Shropshire, England, Bridgnorth
1642-1645, Worfield, Shropshire, England
1908 - 1945, Worfield, Shropshire, England
1908 - 1930, Worfield, Shropshire, England
1677, Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England

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Madeley Turnpike ( Shropshire Archives Reference:1681/74/3)
1773-1817, Shropshire, Uploaded by janes at 2018/08/24
Tags: Richard Darby William Rose William Justice Lawley Gate John Jones Of Ketley Ann Titterton William Clarke Thomas Richards Of Leighton Meadow Gate Leighton Turnpike John Pritchard William Stokes Of Catstree William Onions Francis Darby Edmund Darby Bernard Dickenson Joseph Reynolds Thomas Kynnersley Frances Blithe Harries Timothy Yate Mr Cherrington Of Kemberton Mr Jones Edward Harper Richard Stringer 
edward Newe Thomas Bache Of Chesterton Benjamin Nicholls John Walton John Fowler Joseph Jeks Hannah Pritchard Anthony Parker Ann Parker Michael Parker Edward Roden Tranter John Williams Of Ackleton Mr Harris Walter Stubbs Orlando Stubbs John Martin Mr Granger Crows Heath Bartley Baker John Headley William Dabbs Mr Devey Of Kinslow Mr Eykyn Of Ackleton W Smythe Of Hilton John Roden Roger Roe Edward Turner Gregory Groome Henry Onions Stockton Worfield Crowgrave Lane Purton Benjamin Poole Dawley William Dukes Tontine Inn Jane Jukes Rudge Common Brockton Thomas Roden John Green William Micklewright William Jukes Watling Street John Nicholls James Gibbons Richard Beddoes Beetleston Of Sutton Beetheston Of Sutton Mrs Matthews Thomas Bowen Of Bradeney And Mr Bach Of Wyken Thomas Poole Of Rowley Black Brook Bridgnorth Mr Whitmore And Mr Davenport John Wood Of Whiston Cross Abraham Darby Lincoln Inn Turnpike Road William Bough Timothy Davies Kemberton Jane Matthews Of Broseley Hannah Row Plowden Slaney George Appleby J Bayley John Brooke Lincoln Hill Cornelius Oram Andrew Bradley Cripple Hill Twyning Bank Iron Hollow Balls Hill William Nicholls John Rogers John Hollrocke William Rushton Robert Glover Benjamin Nichols Richard Phillips William Ferriday James Bailey Willie Farmer John Bailey G Baker Mr Barlow Gilbert Brown John Merrigold Shifnal John Harper Of Kemberton William Cope Mr Glover William Baker Cuckoo Oak John Taylor Of Hill Street Birmingham Thomas Botfield William Nichols Richard Reynolds William Purton Mary Brooks John Ashdown New Inns Birches Brook Bucks Head

These are extracts from the Madeley Turnpike Trust. They are treasures because there are few remaining records of the Turnpike Trusts. It woukld be lovely to have records of the traffic which passed through the toll gates but sadly these fon't seem to have survived. I was looking particularly for information on Worfield but this will give you an idea of what is recorded

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