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1422, Worfield, Shropshire
1441, Worfield, Shropshire

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Worfield Court Roll P314/W/1/1/277&278
1430-1431, Worfield, Uploaded by janes at 2018/12/15
Tags: Inventory Of Stolen Goods John Massy Margaret Stevenes Edith Stevenes Felony Richard Parlour Matilda Jenkys Thomas Jannyn John Jannyns Stirchley Richard Whetheges Agnes Hewstayr Hamond Hymley Thomas Richardes William Barker John Agot David Borewardesley Richard Mynsterley Roger Hulle John Hull William Barewe John Elkoc Agnes Smyth Richard Score Steynesovere Edith Hockombe William Hockombe Worfield Mill Robert Bruggende John Newe John Yate John Tresell John Whitebrok John Mathewe John Brokehurste William Newton Thomas Merewall John Hulle Of Hulton Thomas Atte Sonde Wyldmore John Rowlowe Small Dole Chesterton William Batemon Agnes Batemon Richard Reynolds Isabella Batemon Robert Of Ryndelford Fulling Mill Ryndelford William Ryndelford John Preestes Richard Haselwode Roger Kyngeslowe William Wermod Thomas Merwall John Bromley John Janne John Crokhurst William Yates Sheep Thomas Jenkys Roger Dalley Edith Kyng John Colynsone John Stevens William Kyng Margery Herdemon Richard Seore Henry Wevar William Gold Thomas Bradney William Ingemon Henry Walker Thomas At Sonde John Broke John Walker John Gerbode Robert Mathewe John Bene Thomas Colyier Sibill Colyier John Hawkewode Thomas Hitchcocks Roger Townsende John Jonesone John Blakemere Thomas Preestes Thomas Toward Roger Gerbode Thomas Underhull Stephen Bradeney John Walton William Wermode Thomas Tomkys Robert Webbe Henry Halle William Bowlas Roger Kingslowe Roger Swankote Roger Gyllen Thomas Cattestrye John Trecyll John Smyth Richard Ingemon Roger Jones John Billingsley John Holigreve William Beore John Whitebrok

An interesting year for stolen goods.

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