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Worfield Manor Court Roll P314/W/1/1/293
1441, Worfield, Shropshire, Uploaded by janes at 2019/03/27
Tags: Roger Kyngelowe Matilda Blakemere Knokesplace Wyke Broadbridge Richard Wythgyes John Colettes John Bullok William Clerke William Bere William Rowelowe William Stafford John Lestewey Thomas Mere Thomas Hichecokes John Tresell Old Fields Of Stanlowe Stephen Bradeney Rowehurste William Heuster Wolmeresley Margery Parlour Thomas Merewall Margery Merewall Agnes Mathewe Isabel Kyngelowe Richard Walker John Haslewod Edith Haslewod Agnes Richards William Goolde Broadbridge Mone Place Salteny Stephen Willot John Tayllour John Holygreve Thomas Catstre William Barowe Henry Wever Thomas Smyth Richard Billyngsley William Robyns John Mathewe Richard Foxhall Roger Gerbot John Stanlowe Thomas Wartoner Henry Weaver Matilda Billyngsley Christiana Goolde Nicholas Sadeler John Snell John Bromley Roger Swancote William Ewyk Roger Hatton Richard Bokenall William Dalley John Smyth Margaret Gerbot Thomas Gerbot Robert Bruggend Thomas Underhull Roger Of Ewdness John Catstre Thomas Haselwod Joyce Gatacre Margery Smyth Richard Smyth Mill Croft Roger Barker John Walker John Elcok Roger Rowelowe John Baret John Gerbot John Atte Sonde Roger Bradeney Thomas Toward John Bene William Wermod Christiana Bradeney Thomas Bradeney Joanna Bradeney Thomas Gerbot Robert Bruggende John Crokhurste John Rowelowe John Walton Richard Haselwode John Bradeney Roger Catstrey William Barker Roger Townesend Thomas Thompkys Robert Webbe Roger Acton Dominus Henry Buffrey John Gudde John Whitbrok John Bagot William Chese Thomas Richards

The Court Roll is in Shropshire Archives and there are the usual land transfer, pleas, forestalling and assaults. Of the latter some old men are brawling in Wyken

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