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Worfield Court Roll P314/W/1/1/61 (Shropshire Archives)
1365, Worfield, Uploaded by janes at 2019/07/09
Tags: Broadbridgefield John Nelde William Bryan John Adames Simon Parker Alexander Adames William Hugyn Roger Of Kingslow William Asterhull Simon Of Malstang Alice Of Rugge Emma Of Rugge Simon Poynaund Philip The Reneson John Rowlowe William Bullocke Alice Bullocke Lynottsland William Of Gaynford Robert Of Brillabrough Richard Of The Hethe John De Baggesoure Alice Ludgeres Lady Haye Countess Of Huntingdon Thomas Le Fremon Hilton Weir Weir William Bruggende Alice Of Asterhull William Of Asterhull Alice Robyns Richard Robyns Pannage Thomas Of Rindelford William Leye Thomas Warmot Broughton Robert Of Browaghton Alice Atte Lynde Simon Atte Lynde Galfridus The Tailor Of Potton The Wodehouse Adam Wilkines Edith Day Thomas Of Rugge William Bonel John Hewestare Roger Atte Stile William Cooke John Lilye Thomas Carter William Sutton Thomas Tresel Hammond Seysdon William Billyngsley Alice Atte Townsenede 3 Times Alexander Adams 9d John Eudenas Alice Gildon John Senotare Rugge William Robert Ap Rees Walter Sobelar John Lilie Julian Parker Agatha Loye William Dalleye William Loye Adam Senotare John Of Ely Richard Ody Richard Walker Jools Walker Thomas Wynter John Daly Isabell Daly William Valance William Of Olton William Shepherde Homsoken Combe Well Roger Of Catstre William Robyns The Croft Richard Wood Forestalling William Atte Broke John Of The Croft Stephen Woundwall Bole William Valence John Malstang John Stephenes Jevan Le Walshe William Knokol William Bauwen Richard Reynold Richard Reignald Boles Richard Soliare Julian Bauwen

Perhaps the most interesting part of this court roll is the permission to allow William of Asterhill to build a mill at Ewyke. In fact this permission had previously been granted to Thomas the Freeman

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