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1441, Worfield, Shropshire
1446-1447, worfield, shropshire

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Worfield Court Roll P314/W/1/1/298
1446, Worfield, Uploaded by janes at 2019/07/21
Tags: Thomas Myles Thomas Miles Thomas Harley John Catstre Matilda Willot Roger Swancote Demesne Meadows Richard Laken Alice Yate Alice Whitbrok Kemeshey Roger Hatton Matilda Of Eudenes Roger Of Eudenes William Robyns Thomas Hull Thomas Gooldan Pasteford Meadow Katherine Stanlowe John Of Stanlowe Chantry Of The Blessed Virgin Mary John Barker William Preston Agnes Barowe William Atte Sonde William Wever Roger Calowe Thomas Flasshbrook Weir Wycheford John Jannyn And Roger Underhill John Rowelowe John Hilton Thomas Oldyngton John Bagot Thomas Willot Overmeadows Cobsale Heath Hill The Stokyng Doddesdale Ewyk Parok The Grove Elizabeth Rowelowe Rowelowe Field Redelond Asterhull Field William Goolde Clement Taillour John Snell Thomas Thompkys Roger Bruggend Richard Smyth Edward Meeke John Willon John Tournour John Harley John Bradeney Roger Rowelowe Petronella Yate Matilda Mathewe John Mathewe John Smyth John Prestes Thomas Walton John Walton Stephen Rowelowe John Walker John Bromley Thomas Merewall Robert Bruggend W Lee Thomas More William Clerk Thomas Forster Thomas Gerbot John Holygreve Richard Baker Thomas Hall Richard Netherton Nicholas Sadler Richard Fox John Billyngsley Roger Billyngsley John Haselwod John Touward Agnes Yate Sibill Newe Thomas Mylles Rector Of Cleobury Upton John Carbonell Bridgnorth Thomas Heye Richard Wade Middleton William Togge Thomas Togge Richard Togge Glazeley Arley William Barowe John Bene William Dalley William Stafford Thomas Jannen John Rowlowe Thomas Hichecokes Roger Catstre William Barker John Colletts Thomas Thompkes Thomas Underhull Robert Webbe William Ewyk Henry Herkedale Richard Bokenhall Roger Barker William Walker Richard Bere John Whitbrok William Rowlowe John Harpur

An interesting document as it describes a serious affray at a religious festival in which the Rector of Cleobury is viciously attacked by a group of men who had travelled from quite a distance. It seems that they were intent on this assault as they came armed

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