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Worfield Court Roll P314/W/1/1/309
1454-1455, Worfield, Uploaded by janes at 2019/07/25
Tags: Sibill Parkys Stanlowe’s Place Blenche Land Richard Laken Sibill Wartoner Broadmore John Walton Thomas Underhull John Brooke John Willon John Rogers Heynes Place Annes John Snell Richard Blyke Agnes Wall Richard Parker Richard Stanford Isabell Hopton Felony Joan Boteler Thomas Prystes Nicholas Sadeler John Elcock John Skrivener Reginald Walker Thomas Flashbrook Lawe Land Sibill Newe Stallnets War Horse John Crochinton Agnes Whitbroke Roger Jones John Colletts Laying Waste John Whitbroke Roger Whitbroke Henry Donker John Townesend Wyken Bridge Robert Brugend Alvescote Meadow Medewyng Isabel Whitbroke John Hilton Richard Bere Richard Granger Anna Barker Anne Barker John Hatton Walter Roote Joan Roote William Ewyke John Parkys John Perkys William Wyllot John Tournour Margery Tournour Gymp Meadow John Bene Chemchil Field Cromerfield William Welot Richard Rogers Agnes Cattestre Weir Watts Stakyngs John Aston John Haston Matilda Walker Robert Webbe Agnes Hatton Walter Rote Joan Rote Thomas Robyns Bryugton Land Roger Cattestre Frith And Grith Richard Baker John Baker Thomas Walker Thomas Pristes John Prystes John Walker John Wermod John Hokcombe John Billyngsley William Gyldon William Chese Roger Hatton Agnes Barker Edith Haselwod Richardes Pallokis Richard Haselwod William Clerke Thomas Rowelowe John Gerbot John Eton Thomas Weston William Dalley Roger Rowelowe Thomas Hichecokes William Walker Roger Barker Richard Baret William Wermod Stephen Rowelowe Agnes Yate Scrivener Richard Billyngesley Fletcher John Baret John Ferrours Thomas Wartoner John Sawyer William Somnour Richard Walker Roger Bradeney Henry Hert John Holigreve William Barowe Stephen Bradeney Thomas Goold John Haselwod Thomas Haselwod John Broke Thomas Jannyn William Goold William Rowelowe John Rowelowe John Merewall Thomas Bullok John Bradeney Robert Brygyend William Barker Thomas Bollok

Original is held in Shropshire Archives. Two interesting items. The first is a heriot and the second relates to Worfield Mill and property in the area present that John Hilton tenant of the lord of one messuage and two and a half a virgates of land in Eudenes, one toft and one virgate of land in Asterhill has died since the last court and there falls to the lord for heriot one horse called a mounter with saddle, bridle and 1 lance with all body armour partiments and impen..vencia. To this court came Thomas Wartoner and Sibill his wife and the aforesaid Sibill was examined before the steward according to the custom of the manor etc and surrendered into the hands of the lord the reversion after their deaths of one cottage with curtilage in Worfield which lies between the Mill Croft and the King’s Highway at the upper end of Mill Lane to the work of Richard Laken Esq on which in the same court came the aforesaid Richard and took from the lord the said cottage with curtilage holding from the lord to himself, his heirs and assigns according to the custom of the manor by rent and services thence formerly due and accustomed and he gave to the lord for a fine 4d, made fealty to the lord and thence had seisin

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