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Original in Shropshire Archives. Two interesting items. The first about Thomas Bullock (I am tempted to say poor Thomas Bullock) who was hanged at Aylesbury. The second is indicative of the need to keep the manor free of people of dubious character. Thomas Bullok formerly of Alvescote in the County of Salop, chapman, convicted of diverse felonies and other malefactions at Aylesbury in the County of Buckingham and for that reason was hanged by the neck has various goods and chattels which should be forfeit to the lord in the name of escheat. And further present that the said Thomas held of the lord within the domain in his life, to wit in Alvescote one messuage and one virgate of land with its appurtenances which it is ordered by the steward should be seized by the bailiff of the lord into the hands of the lord etc until etc. And that the said Thomas had grain in his barn at Alvescote to the value of 40s and hay to the value of 6s 8d, one waggon bound with iron price 13s 4d one plough with 1 coulter price 6d, 1 horse price 12d, one brass bowl and one brass dish price 2s, two linchiaia and 1 covering price 2s 6d, one scythe price 4d, 1 lantern price 4d, 1 jack and 1 salet price At this court David Bromfeld who had a suspected felon staying in his house was led to the bar and swore before the steward on the book that he will leave and he will withdraw him from the house aforesaid within 24 hours next following under pain of forfeiting to the lord all his goods and chattels and imprisonment by his body if etc

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