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Original in Shropshire Archives. There was a right old to-do when a chest in the Church was broken into. A great enquiry was held: were sworn to enquire about a certain misdemeanour in the Church of St Peter’s Worfield the breaking of the lock of a chest which contained books, records, memoranda, evidence and court rolls of the heredity of the lord and his tenants there touching and pertaining which were made or done and of payments made and received for aid known to the aforesaid in the manner and form aforesaid made and continuing. And the aforesaid jury has a day until the next great court to give a verdict on the matters mentioned Water management: Present that many tenants are in default of repairs to the water course of the Worfe and Churle for their meadows and land alongside and a pain is put on each and everyone for a month of 60d. And the said jury has a day to enquire of their names against the next court

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