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Worfield Court Roll P314/W/1/1/313
1458-1459, Worfield, Uploaded by janes at 2019/07/27
Tags: Richard Granger Roger Hatton William Chese Merchants Bristol Thomas Stanlowe Richard Billyngsley Roger Smyth Scrivener Alehouse Fletcher And Joan Barrett John Barrett Matilda Walton Roger Walton Roger Jenks Alice Prestes Alice Merewal Stephen Merewal John Willon John Elcok John Hokcombe Thomas Prestes John Harpur William Billyngsley Roger Netherton (4d) Brewed Once Simon Hichecokes Peter Weston William Weston Thomas Haslewod Bele Yard Chesterton Church Torremeadow Roger Swancote Chantry Of The Blessed Mary Of Worfield Agnes Barowe John Barker William Barowe Thomas Billyngsley Agnes Smyth John Snell Stanford Richard Parker Stephen Bradeney Christiana Bradeney Thomas Swancote John Swancote Thomas Willot And Thomas Harley Illiam Ewyk W Thomas Merewall William Goold Geoffrey Lloyt William Willot Tarmeadowe Thomas Bradeney Agnes Catstre Cattam Meadow John Holigreve John Walker Thomas Robyns John Wermod Roger Bradeney John Rowelowe Thomas Gerbot John Haselwod John Newe Richard Hull William Stafford Thomas Walker Thomas Yate Richard Bere William Rowelowe William Carter John Merewall John Prestes John Gerbot Stephen Rowelowe John Valans Agnes Bradeney William Gildon Richard Bokenall Rushecroft Nicholas Sadeler Sibill Wartoner John Bene Affram John Billyngsley William Haslewood John Brooke William Wermod Roger Rowelowe Thomas Underhull William Dalley John Smyth John Bradeney Roger Barker Roger Catstre William Goolde William Barker Thomas Catstre

Original in Shropshire Archives.

There is an extraordinary incident2 men came from Lichfield and stole 15 hurdles. Seems a long way to come and then they have got to be carted home unless, of course, they had already sold them much closer to home or they were planning a bit of sheep rustling and needed to contain the animals. Whatever their intent they were up to no good!

Chesterton presented that William Weston and Peter Weston of Lychfield in the County of Stafford, yeomen, came on the 12th day of March in the 27th year of the reign of Henry VI at the township of Chesterton aforesaid and here by might and arms to wit gleyves, swords, crossbows and arrows took 15 hurdles price 40d against the peace of the lord King of the goods and chattels of Simon Hichecokes and further it is said that he is plundered and has damages to the value of 40s etc.

Another interesting piece about the Church at Chesterton. I assume the Bele Yard is what we would call the Bell Yard

To this court came John Snell and Stephen Rowelowe and took from the lord all the waste land of the lord in Chesterton from the gate of the cemetery of St John unto the gate of Thomas Gerbot here with one parcel of land called Bele Yard holding to themselves and their heirs and assigns according to the custom of the manor giving rent to the lord per annum 4d and they gave to the lord for a fine 4d and made fealty to the lord and thence had seisin

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