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Worfield Court Roll P314/W/1/1/324
1463-1464, Worfield, Uploaded by janes at 2019/07/28
Tags: Weir Ewyke Weir Worfield Church Affram Keeping The Peace William Walker William Rowelowe Roger Barker Richard Baker Thomas Robyns John Janens John Mathewe Richard Mulleward Edward Haselwod Richard Billyngsley John Willot Soudeley John Bost Richard Foxall Richard Mason Richard Netherton Joan Gerbot Thomas Yate Alice Haselwod Thomas Prestes Roger Whitbroke John Elcock Roger Netherton John Clerke Bridge Repair Severn Lands Joan Webb Robert Webb Roger Dalley Agnes Catstre Thomas Dalley Margaret Stanlowe Nicholas Stanlowe Woolman Thomas Clerke Of The County Of Stafford Isabel Kyngelowe Roger Kyngelowe John Kyngelowe Smythes Place Roger Smyth Margery Smyth Isabel Collet John Collet John Mere Quatt Thomas Crouther Roger Walton Thomas Barker Thomas Hord John Hord William Barowe Deepdale Old Hill The Holy Acre The Wood Acre John Willons T Yate Elsall Weir Ewyk Mill Ewyk Weir Richard Bere William Billyngsley Holloway John Holygreve Holeweys Agnes Guldon Thomas Guldon Fletcher Bulveyes Yard And Ingylbrondes Wall Smythimore Bromcroft Halghweyheld Thomas Walker Bromley Field John Rogers Roger Knyght Heathhouse Bythom Acre Hichenhill Thomas Gerbot John Gerbot Thomas Harley John Wermod William Guldon Roger Bradeney William Stafford John Barret Richard Baker Geoffrey Lloit John Billyngsley John Walker Trade Walsall John Myrhurste Margery Hichecokes John Calowe John Janons John Merewall Richard Bokenhale Nicholas Sadeler John Stanhurst Stephen Bradeney William Bradeney William Hichecokes John Hichecokes Simon Hichecokes John Smyth Roger Jenks William Felton Robert Clerke Stephen Merewall Roger Catstre John Brooke John Haselwood Thomas Underhill William Golde Roger Rowelowe John Bradeney John Rowelowe Thomas Thompkys William Wermod Thomas Haselwod William Barker Roger Whitbrok Nicholas Waryng

Original in Shropshire Archives.

Interesting items:

present that Margery (12d) the daughter of Simon Hichecokes unjustly took a handkerchief price 6d of the goods of John Myrhurste of Walsall

To this court came John Rowelowe of Hilton and surrendered into the hands of the lord one weir called Ewyks Weir and one mill place in Ewyke to the use of Stephen Rowelowe with a parcel of one butte of land pertaining to the said weir to make and repair as necessary holding to himself his heirs and assigns from the lord according to the custom of the manor and giving thence for each year 2s under this condition that no other weir to his knowledge is put between this weir and Elsall Weir and if it should happen that such a weir is made then the said Stephen will surrender his lease into the hands of the lord. And he made fealty to the lord and had seisin

To this court came William Barker in the name of Stephen Rowelowe and agreed to rent one messuage and all of a virgate of land with appurtenances in Rowelowe for the term of 20 years next following to Thomas Clerke of the County of Stafford, woolman, holding to himself for the term aforesaid maintaining all the houses and buildings standing on the said site of the messuage and he gave to the lord for a fine 20d

Jurors aforesaid present that the bridge of the Worfe is broken and in bad repair near the mill of the lord to which a pain is owed to the lord for making and repairing It is ordered through the steward that no tenants nor any others who live within the domain carry to the Church long billhooks, long lances or large sticks called pike staves from this time on pain of 6s 8d forfeit to the lord. And similarly that they do not fish in separate waters of the Worfe or the Churle. And also that they do not go into the woods of the lord of Soudeley with their pole-axes and billhooks under the pain aforesaid

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