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Original in Shropshire Archives

Joan Bullock's husband has been hanged for theft and she is trying to get back some of the property they held:

To this court came Joan Bullock who was formerly the wife of Thomas Bullock and gave to the lord for a fine 2s to have an enquiry by 24 upright and legal men according to the custom of the manor to enquire by their oaths whether she has the right to 1 messuage and 1 virgate of land in Alvescote and 1 toft and half a virgate of land with appurtenances in Wynchecote by the oath of William Wermod aforesaid

Does this mark the decline of Ewyke, a village which no longer exists

present that Thomas Willot of Akelton who held of the lord a parcel of land in Heathfield in Euwik passed on to an unknown person and nothing is owed for heriot. It is ordered that the land is seized into the hands of the lord

There has until recent times been excellent fishing on the Worfe and the fish were protected

Thomas Barker is in mercy for making 3 stakings in separate waters of the lord without a licence and also fishing with nets and flies and destroying the Fry [young fish] in the waters of the Worfe and Churle to the damage and nuisance of the lord and his tenants here. Item John atte Sonde son of Robert Sonde made 2 stakynges and Thomas Harley similarly made 2 stakings in the waters of the Worfe without a licence

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