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Original in Shropshire Archives:

Could this be indicative of how widows survived after their husbands died?

Joan Barrett’s husband has just died. To this court came Joan Barret (8d), Thomas Swancote (8d), Geoffrey Warynge (8d) and Richard Byllyngsley (6d) and made a fine with the lord for a licence to brew and bake bread for sale until the Feast of St Michael the Archangel next

The Bullock case continues. Thomas Bullock was hanged for theft at Aylesbury and the family are still trying to recover his land

To this court came John Bullok, son of Thomas Bullok and gave to the lord a fine of 12d for an enquiry by 12 upright and legal men to be held according to the custom of the manor to enquire whether he should recover what the aforesaid Thomas Bullock his father had of and in one messuage and one virgate and a half of land with appurtenances in Alvescote and Wynnescote against Clement Taylor undertenant according to a surrender made by the same Thomas for John Bullok by his father in fee tail or fee simple

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