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Worfield Court Roll P314/W/1/1/264
1424-1425, Worfield, Uploaded by janes at 2019/08/02
Tags: Robert Saunderes William Saunderes William Neuton John Nicolas Simon Wyldemorton Thomas Merewall John Hunt Thomas Richardes Thomas Estmon Thomas Roulowe William Robyns Thomas Prestees Richard Bulveis Richard Bulvas Matilda Gyldon John Gyldon Kingslowe Heath Whicheford Parrok John Heth Margery Stevenes John Been William Stevenes John Oldyngton John Yate Matilda Stanlowe Richard Smyth William Bear Stephen Hymley James Harpur Robert Herkedale William Bromley Thomas Hichecokes John Newe Thomas Coks Roger Brook Henry Barker Thomas Jenkyns Roger Jenkyns Edmund Harley Richard Walker Richard Botiller James Harpour Roger Kyngeslowe Roger Walton Richard Parlour John Whitbrok John Whytbrook John Bullok Nicholas Roulowe Margery Smyth John Smyth William Ewyk William Wermot Benedicta Dudley William Dudley Joan Dalley John Reynalds Agnes Batemon William Batemon John Bradeney Robert Bruggende Adames Mersh Dadymersh John Tournour Chiney Margery Huggyn Alice Golde William Golde Alice Stanlowe Stephen Stanlowe Margery Jones Henry Jones Ryndelford Fulling Mill Fulling Mill Thomas Atte Sonde Edith Stevenes Higford Henry Perton Roger Baret John Colyns Roger Dalley William Bakes William Newe Thomas Merewall John Jannes William Gerbot Thomas Toward Roger Smyth John Colynson John Tymme Roger Jones John Bromley William Hokcombe William Atte Yate Henry Hall John Billyngsley John Barnedley William Ingman John Kynnerton Soudeley Alice Sonde Alice Taillour John Elcok Thomas Jenkys Thomas Baker William Coke John Willot John Johnson Hamond Hymley John Kyngeson John Gerbot Roger Barker John Massy John Snell John Jones John Jowkys Rose Cattestre William Barowe Thomas Prestes Sibill Turnour Dean And Chapter Of Lichfield Wyken Bridge Richard Aldith Giles Hyde John Walton John Cattestre Thomas Bradeney Thomas Tomkyns Stephen Bradeney John Roulowe John Janyn Roger Tounsende Roger Gerbot Thomas Underhull Robert Webbe Roger Heth Roger Swancote Roger Catsre Thomas Willes John Walker William Kyngeson Roger Knyght Roger Hull John Holigreve

Original is in Shropshire Archives. Interesting case about the alleged destruction and theft from a property in Roughton and the confiscation, perhaps of Richard Bulveis property

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