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1422, Worfield, Shropshire
1441, Worfield, Shropshire

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Worfield Court Roll P314/W/1/1/196 201
1396, Worfield , Uploaded by janes at 2019/08/06
Tags: Fulling Mill Rindleford Fulling Mill Alan Adams Agnes Goolde Robert Hoggs Millers John Okyns William Atte Broke John Aleyn John Beynes William Handsworth Drover Droving Felony John Herefordeshire Richard Forester William Webbe William Othe Hulle John Haykin Oliver Jannyns Copley John Preustes Daukyn Atte Hallen Alice Barker Thomas Of Rindelford’ Hamond Of Humeley Alice Huggyn Thomas Huggyn William Wermode Stephen Bradeney Nicholas Bruyin Henry Bruyn John Ely John Fowlere Margery Adams Stakings Michael Heeman Thomas Neldon John Knokyn Roger Odye Richard Bradeneye Richard Weston Lady Baggesore John Stephensson John Oldyngton Richard Whitbroke Richard Whyttebroke John Robyns William Byllingsley Michael Stanlowe Thomas Wermod Roger Hichecokkes Henry Barker Rose Atte Sonde Robert Atte Sonde John Baumere Richard Bulveys William Touward Richard Atte Hethe Thomas Atte Sonde Margaret Tresele Margaret Stephenes Margery Stephenes Thomas Jankyns Elcok Mustard Maker Nicholas Garbode Thomas Jenkes Hauwysia Galyan Thomas Coliere Elye Bromley Richard Saladyn William Barker William Garbot Thomas Wyllot William Collets Thomas Knotte Roger Hichecokes Robert Hoggen Roger Richards William Euwyk Joan Senster Stephen Humeley Thomas Sonde Walter Rugge John Eudenas Thomas Gudde John Tomkins Nicholas Stanlowe Michael Rowlowe Thomas Goolde William Baret William Heuster Roger Ody Robert Smyth Thomas Jones Roger Jones John Byllingsley Roger Smyth William Wylot Cherleford Meadowe Thomas Of Brugge William Stephenes John Stephenes Richard Aldyt William Pallock Thomas Rowlowe Agnes Gerbode Roger Gerbode Roger Shepherd Colyns Fronshemon Thomas Huggen Dowry Thomas Barber Roger Batemon Margery Huggen Amicia Bene William Bene John Hawkys Robert Barkere Edith Hawkys Eyleshale Elkoc Mustard Man William Engleys Thomas Mullward William Jones Richard Bromley Thomas Tresele William Stapulford Roger Mathewes Albrighton William Hull Dalken Philip Dawen William Newe John Hulle William Gerbode Thomas Wyntur Robert Huggen John Barndeney William Humeley John Skynner Richard Bradeney John Bradeney William Atte Bruggende William Colletts John Bemesche Alice Rugge Agnes Bate John Atte Walle William Oldyngton William Tresele Fort Hill Forts Hill Henry Donne John Hankys John Sandrus William Sherman Roger Julley William Underhull Thomas Merewall William Hichen William Goolde John Walsheman John Smyth William Walker Emma Stowey Richard Stowey Richard Walker William Bewmershe Robert Tayllour William Carter Roger Roulowe John Roulowe William Of Houndsworth Merchant William Skinner John Skinner John Underhull Roger Jullen Richard Atte Broke William Lodesdon Roger Cattestre Thomas Wermod And Alice Cattestre William Wermod Ryndelford Mill Roger Knyht John Elkoc John Walker William Hethe Ryndelford Way John Mynsteley

Original in Shropshire Archives.

John Herefordshire is a drover who came to Wyken with a bunch of cattle which had been stolen from Ludlow

Item present that John Herefordshire on Thursday in the Feast of St Michael last past came to Wyke with 6 calves price 22s 8d which price was raised to the use of the lord because the said John feloniously took them at Lodelowe and drove them and he admitted that the cattle were abandoned. It is said that John the drover on the second day after St Michael last past led five calves price 30s, abandoned goods and one returned to the bailiff Item. Present that 1 heifer colour dun price 2s 6d was seized because the aforesaid John drove it. In the custody of the bailiff Item present one young mare price 6d colour falowe led by the same John the drover in the custody of the bailiff. Item present one bay horse price 40d led by the same John the drover in the custody of the bailiff

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