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Worfield Court Roll P314/W/1/1/11 15
1300-1331, Worfield , Uploaded by janes at 2019/08/07
Tags: Wythymede Agnes Hugynes Alice Hugynes Margery Hugynes Roger Hugynes John Hugynes Thomas Hugynes Felony Shrewsbury Castle Lord John Of Hastings Thomas Of Boydon Isolda Atte Bradeney Alice Of The Lee Henry Atte Pyrie Stephen Henry Thomas Atte Yate Agnes Of Wych Richard Of Wych Agnes Of Kyngslouwe Walter Of Kyngslouwe Robert Of Kyngslouwe William The Rede Philip Gete Agnes Touward Thomas Touward Fawbroke Roger Hoccombe Adam Atte Forde Roger Atte Forde Juliana Atte Forde Richard Faber Roger Nicol Roger Of Gold Mill Tolls Miller Isolda Of Edeshale Roger The Kyng Thomas Lovesticke Thomas Hore Heye Robert Undurhull & Richard Prest Gorse Pannage Soudleye John Of Stanlowe William Robard Chesterton Mill Claverley Folnorde Agnes Atte Nayse William Atte Nayse Robert Smyth John Kene Roger Kene Robert Kene Roger Walker Agnes Harys Alice Stanlowe Richard Of Aston Stephen Wille William Heyne Alice Reynolds Robert Broke Thomas Bradeney Isabelle Roulowe Robert Hull William Aldith Edith Palmer Emma Palmer Nicholas Smyth Alice Atte Yate Agnes Of The Felde Stephen Newe Reginald Of Chesterton Thomas Colet Richard Of Wychis Agnes Ewyk Thomas Of Ewyk Weir Matilda Kyng William Kyng Agnes Kyng Fen Field Burcote Ruggesende Monegate Thomas The Yonge Stephen Adames William The Yonge Richard Of Eudenas Thomas Bromley William Saliner Henry Thomme Thomas Bollok Robert Ulky Thomas Atte Broke William Jones Thomas Kettesone Stephen The Kyng Hayward Robert Hauken Isabell Of The Felde Roger Galian Robert Herdemon Richard Eymor Roger Bercer William Of Stanlouwe Agnes Muryweder Agnes Heyne Richard Bloonche William Gomiyle Stephen Atte Sonde Christina Penne Rose Sonde Walter Haukenes Margery Of Kyngelowe William Hugyn Of Kyngeslowe Reginald Ameys Rose The Cartwriste Adam Bryd John Richards Robert Of Stanlowe Thomas Wynter Agnes Of Stanlowe Robert Luce Thomas Luce Margery Of Stanlowe Stephen Synge William The Forester Stephen Lawen William Ingeman Agnes Of Borcote Thomas Of Wynscote John Of Hulle Adam Thomas Roger Howe Alex Of Alscot Thomas Bryd Thomas Of The Hul Robert The Mercer Roger Of Alscot Robert Of The Felde Richard The Wodeward Henry Haukyns Robert Atte Broke And Roger Of Cattestre John Of Baggesore Roger Of Swancote Walter Atte Sonde John Don Thomas Heyne Thomas Symond Of Borcote Thomas Of Cattestre William Cocyn Margery Of Ryndelford William Of Ryndelford Edith Haukyn Amicia The Breuster William Massy William Wermode William The Palmer Robert Houndslowe John Atte Sond William Asterhull William Roulowe Robert Willam Richard Of Wystansmere Agnes Bisshop John Hugge William Edyth Thomas Stanlowe Robert Owyn Robert Coks William Janne Isabell Galyan Robert Of Hethe William In The Boure Nicholas Jones Thomas Of Aclynton Walter Heyne Adam Swancote William Ingelbrond Richard Ingelbrond Richard Symondes Roger Kyng William Nelde Robert Nelde Stephen Kyng William Galian Juliana Beggild Juliana Galian Thomas Pachet Stephen Prikesyng Roger Gold Thomas Freeman

Original in Shropshire Archives Placenames.

Kingslow has always posed the question whether it was the burial place of Kings and if so who? Here we have Stephen the Kyng which puts the question but was the scribe simply putting a the where he thought there should be? There seems to be a family of Kings hence Kingslow but where they were Kings of and when is a mystery. The Lowe is another odd one. There was a Houndslow in Sonde. Was that later shortened to the Lowe? Just one other thing - who was Robert the Mercer. Oh, yes, and then there was a serious felony a while before.

Robert of Kyngslouwe came and gave to the lord 2s for an enquiry to be held to enquire of his right in one messuage and half a virgate of land with appurtenances in Kyngslouwe which Richard of Wych and Agnes his wife hold in the same township. And it is said that according to the custom of the manor after the death of a certain Joan who was the wife of Walter of Kyngslouwe, mother of the said Robert they ought to come to him etc. And the aforesaid Richard was present and sought to be part of the enquiry and the said Robert similarly etc. So that the enquiry was held and on oath Roger of Alvescote, Richard of Roughton, William Weremot, William of Cattestre, Thomas of Hoccom, John of Stanlouwe, Adam of Swancote, John Gerbot, Thomas Colet of Bradeneye, Thomas atte Yate of Hultone, Stephen Henry of Hulton and Henry atte Pyrie and others who say on oath that the aforesaid Walter the father of Robert and Joan his mother were attached at the suit of Alice of the Lee and Isoldie atte Bradeney for a plea of felony whereupon the said Walter father of the said Robert was here held by Thomas of Boydon the then steward of Lord John of Hastings and was committed and suspected and the aforesaid Joan his mother was taken to the Castle in Shrewsbury and here died and the said tenements were taken into the hands of the lord as forfeit. And on this came Thomas of Ewike before the aforesaid Thomas of Boydon the then steward as said above to the court at Worfeld on the Monday after the Feast of St John Before the Latin Gate in the reign of Edward son of King Edward in the 15th year of his reign and was with the lord for an enquiry into the same tenements to have and to hold to himself and his according to the custom of the manor in perpetuity so that the aforesaid Thomas and his should have and hold the aforesaid tenements with their appurtenances etc. And that the blood of the aforesaid Walter and Joan is thus annihilated

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