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The Explosion Of November 17th 1870 At Kynoch’s, Witton, Birmingham. (1)
18/11/1870, Witton, Birmingham, England, Uploaded by Pedrocut at 2012/01/01

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Pedrocut commented Jan 01, 2012:


George Kynoch had also experienced explosions prior to 1869 as can be seen from Grace's Guide to British Industrial History...


...By about 1856 his financial ability and ambitious nature were already apparent and very soon he exchanged his safe employment for the dangerous manufacture of copper cap igniters and ammunition, by going to work for Pursall and Phillips of Whittall Street, Birmingham…


1859 The factory was destroyed by an explosion and nineteen of the seventy employees were killed.

Pedrocut commented Jan 01, 2012:

There is only a few more details misssing from the above if you do not download, and so they are added here...

9 women of which 5 were between 12 to 14.

14 men of which 5 were between 12 to 14, and one poor boy who was only 10 years of age.


Regards Peter




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