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The Explosion Of The 9th Of December 1870 At Ludlow And Co. (10th Dec Part 1)
10/12/1870, Witton, Birmingham, England, Uploaded by Pedrocut at 2012/01/08

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Pedrocut commented Jan 08, 2012:

The line in the Post...”They recollected the dismal record of bloody sacrifices to the Moloch who had fixed his seat of worship amongst them” is particularly poignant here.


George Kynoch had joined Pursall and Phillips, ammunitions manufacture at Whittall Street in Birmingham Centre around 1856, and eventually took over the firm in 1862. In 1859 there had been a catastrophic explosion killing 19 of the 70 employees and damaging the surrounding area. In 1861 Pursall was given permission to build a factory on a four acre site in Witton, “a country hamlet in a safer location.”


It is mentioned in the history of Kynoch that at the time of this 1870 explosion, Ludlow may have been a licensee to Kynoch.


It may be worth a mention that the women were not working on cartridges for any British war effort but for the “armies of France.” At the explosion of 1859 in Whittall Street the employees were working on a “heavy order of 18 million caps for the Turkish Government.”



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