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May 16, 2011
Building A Database

The database is growing and a very big thank-you to all who have uploaded because every item of history which is added is so valuable. There is no gradation of value, one period of history is not more valuable than another and one branch of history is no more valuable than another.

For those of you  are just getting to grips with the idea of sharing and thinking "what's in it for me?" Perhaps there is only the satisfaction of knowing that you have done the "right thing." History is not mine it is ours and we are able to understand what has happened in the past because some records had to be kept by law. Other people kept them because they were interested and some of these have been saved and shared. It would have been a very odd picture of the history of the world if it was restricted to the records my family kept. 

So please, share your history. Don't wait until everything is in order or until the site changes or the technology improves. It couldn't be easier. Most people have a digital camera or a mobile phone which will take photos. If you have old photos, simply take a photograph of the photo. Tweak it as you wish on the computer and you are ready to upload.

Documents can be dealt with in the same way. If you have no scanner take a photograph of the page/s. If there are several pages and you want to view them together then open a Text document eg in Word and copy and paste the pages into that. You can also put photos into the document. Then save as a PDF and you are ready to upload.

I am interested that there are some themes emerging - school photos, rural history. You may be inspired by what others have shared or start a new thread of your own.

This site is privately funded. If you would like to towards the extension of this archive we can digitise more and still keep access free.