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1909-1925, Hampi, Bellary, Karnataka
1400-1500, Hampi, Bellary, Karnataka
1400-1500, Hampi, Bellary, Karnataka
1909-1925, Srirangapatna, Mandya, Karnataka
1909-1925, Srirangapatna, Mandya, Karnataka
1784, Bangalore, Bangalore, Karnataka
1909-1925, Hampi, Bellary, Karnataka
1909-1925, Hampi, Bellary, Karnataka

Oct 30, 2010
Fred Goodwill

I would like to introduce you to Fred Goodwill because he has been a major contributor to this site. Fred was born in Helperby, Yorkshire in 1874, the son of a farmer. Fred went into the Ministry and became a missionary in India. Fascinated by the culture he was a keen photographer and bequeathed me over 400 photographs which became something of a mixed blessing as I pondered what to do with them. The problem was that as I have never been to India they meant little to me and yet I was sure they would be of interest to others. So here they are, as usual many of the locations are unknown but the photographs themselves are fantastic. I hope you enjoy them and some of you may be able to identify where they were taken

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