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Did you attend this school in the 1962-66 time? I just wanted to check anyone else who might have attended. Mr Gold the Headmaster..Miss Bateman Head of Girls.
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Church Street, Spilsby, Lincolnshire, PE23 5DY, England
Built between 1824 -26 as a court house and prison. The Sessions House as it was known held the court sessions for the distrct of Lindsey. The prison was knocked down in 1872 and the courthouse remained. The west wing of the building became Spilsby's police station. In 1984 the building became Spilsby Theatre.

Photos taken over mush of the country from the 1980s onwards. They will feature steam, diesel and electric traction on both regular service trains and specials. Hope you like them!
Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England
Worfield has one of the most complete runs of court rolls of any manor in England. It is the intention of a small group of us, Cicely Taylor, Paul Walshe, Ralph Collingwood and myself, Jane Smith, to provide a working translation of 300 years of these from 1495. It was inspired by the amazing work of Sylvia Watts, a...
Bradney, Shropshire, Shropshire, England
The Cunliffes lived at Bradeney for many years, early twentieth century definitely and possibly earlier. Were they responsible for building Bradeney House or did that happen before their arrival? When the last of the Cunliffes (Margaret, a spinster) died, the house was sold and the paperwork destroyed. It may be tha...
Shropshire, England
The documents and photographs have been kindly shared by Sue Dewhurst.
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Sussex, England
My Great Grandfather was Thomas Henry Lunn, born Brighton 24 January, 1863 and christened 1869 in Brighton, by which time his father James was deceased. THL birth certificate gives address as 8 Lansdown Street, Hove in Reg district of Shoreham. (father a Coachman [domestic]). James' wife was Jane, (nee Pollard) acco...
The Mapps have been in Worfield for quite a while and much of this material has been given me by Paddy Connolly (nee Mapp)
Chyknell, Shropshire, Shropshire, England
The pageant was an ambitiious entertainment designed to raise funds for the Claverley School
Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England
This is the material which was shown at the history fair in the Garden Room at Lower Hall. It was a wonderful weekend and the sun shone - well it did on the Saturday and then had to have a rest. The Exhibition covered the civil parish of Worfield and Rudge
Brimstage Hall, Wirral is a fabulous standing example of a medieval tower house with extant staircase and garderobe chambers. It has an idealic village setting; a village later developed by Viscount Lord Leverhulme at the beginning of the early 20th century. Yet the Hall's history is mysterious especially the unde...
Ness, Cheshire
Emy Lyon of Ness, Cheshire has been portrayed, historically as a femme fatale and even a daughter of Wirral. A classic rags to riches story, Emy, later Emma is passed from pillar to post from suitor to suitor eventually marrying William Hamilton in Naples in the 18th century. Both take pity on a wounded Nelson and...

The Chester family farmed at Rowleyat the beginning of the twentieth century, then moved to various locations including Church Preen, Frodesley and Bedfordshire. They moved back to Rowley in 1940 and bought the farm from the Davenport Estate. They then acquired a farm at Ackleton. This is a large archive of materia...
London, Greater London, England
In a small park in Aldersgate is a series of plaques to those who died while trying to save others. It was suggested by the artist G. F. Watts to mark Queen Victoria's Jubilee

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