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Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton Metropolitan Borough, West Midlands, England
An incredibly ornate baroque church, built 1901-1903.
Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton Metropolitan Borough, West Midlands, England
St Johns In The Square was built as a Chapel of Ease for St Peter's in the mid-eighteenth century. It remained a Chapel of Ease until the passing of the 1847 Wolverhampton Church Act, when the parish of St Johns was created.
Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton Metropolitan Borough, West Midlands, England
The Church of St Silas was originally a synagogue, and contains many reminders of this former use.
Lewes, Lewes District, East Sussex, England
Harrison Weir was born in Lewes, East Sussex, in 1824. His father was a bank manager but Harrison Weir's interests were artistic and he was apprenticed to George Baxter to learn the skills of engraving and printing. Useful though these were they did not give Harrison Weir enough scope for his creativity. He left and...
Bantock House, Wolverhampton
Photographs taken at the annual 1940s weekend at Bantock House.
Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton Metropolitan Borough, West Midlands, England
Jack Turner (1916-2011) produced the Turner Sports Car in Wolverhampton from 1949 to 1966. Only about 670 were made: 317 of these are known to exist today. All photographs in this project were taken by Nigel Terry.

A collection of political cartoons depicting the struggle for women's suffrage as seen through the eyes of the political cartoonists of the day.

Ratha Yatra is perhaps the oldest continually celebrated spiritual festival in the world. The chariots of Jagannatha (Krishna), Balarama and Subhadra are splendidly decorated each year, then pulled by crowds through the streets.
New Delhi, South Delhi, Delhi
For years I had no idea what these 'transparencies' as I called them were. But apparently they were never intended to be used with a light behind them. The style of these paintings on mica is European. The Europeans found it hard to relate to the Indian style of painting and so taught the Indians to paint in a Europ...
Broseley, Shropshire, Shropshire, England
Found in and around Bridgnorth, most of these pipes were made at Broseley in Shropshire
West Bromwich, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough, West Midlands, England
Henry Gardner started a Ginger Beer and mineral water business in West Bromwich which was later to become Gardner-Shaw.
West Bromwich, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough, West Midlands, England
The connection I have with this family is through doing some research into Henry Gardner and sons. Charles Gardner married Annie Bedkett the daughter of John Beckett and Caroline (nee Richardson
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life in victorian times was hard and for the poor he only way to even to live was to go into to poorhouse Im researching different parts of britian in these times to compiles lists and images of life in the poorhouse and the different reasons why people were eventually in these
Worfield, Shropshire, Shropshire, England
These images are taken from the album of Sir Oliver Leese who was a larger than life character who married a member of the Davenport family and lived at Lower Hall, Worfield. After a distinguished military career he settled in Worfield and grew mushrooms. Later he specialised in cactus growing but these photographs ...
Wolverhampton, England
The Fullards of Staffordshire. In August 1745 Thomas Fullard, the son of William and Hannah Fullard, was baptised at St. Bartholomew's Parish Church in Wednesbury, Staffordshire. At the age of twenty he married Sarah (Perkin) at the same church. Their son John Fullard was baptised in St. Bartholomews in September 1...

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