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Farrer Family Wills (Uploaded Here With The Kind Permission Of Nick Hudson)
1684, Ripon, Uploaded by SANLEFAR at 2013/03/27
Tags: Farrer Wills William Farrer

JAMES FARRER January 20th 1717 and analysis. WILLIAM FARRER July 21st 1684, analysis and background information. MARY FARRER October 13th 1741 and analysis. HENRY FARRER May 17th 1718, analysis and background information. WILLIAM FARRER March 14th 1722, analysis and background information. It is of course necessary to download these pages in order that they may be enlarged and read easily. 

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Janes commented Mar 29, 2013:

This is a most interesting series of wills. I love the way they switch from the transfer of property of enormous value (Ewood was a lovely Hall) to the everyday. So in the will of James Farrer we have the best horse being given to William Farrer who also gets 2 items of plate, the Unicorn and the Tumbler. The mention of the Deer Park is interesting too. His wife can kill deer but must maintain a herd of 12 (or is that 12 pairs .) The analyses of these wills are excellent but there is so much in any will which is of interest.  In William Farrer's will of 1722 it mentions  'All the furniture and money due to me from my cozen James deceased to pay off his debts.' James' widow inherits from William all the timber in a barn. I hope that is worth more than the money and furniture she is losing, but probably not.

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