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Shellyb22's Profile - Comments
Davidsmith_21 commented Jun 13, 2011:

Hey Shelly,

I love Kandinsky, i saw a retrospective at the tate in 2007, it was really fantastic.Genealogy is fascinating, i must admit my mum is a real family history detective. Im more of an appreciator of history, i visited the Welcome collection recently in Euston, its brilliant! How long you been at the pub? Have a good Monday.


Davidsmith_21 commented Jun 12, 2011:

Hi Shelly,

Thanks for the comments you left last week and appoligies for the delayed reply. The grave of the women asleep is so quite and detailed. I dont know where your from but its situated in a rather overgrown section of highgate cemetery, it was a wonderful stone to stumble across.

I love the Spring storms at Teignmouth and the girl Guides, the contrast is fantastic in the image. Where are you from? I live in London but im from middle england, shropshire to be precise! Im a painter....

Anyhow im enjoying meeting your wonderful images and look forward to seeing more.



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