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All Saints Church, Worthen
1912-1914, Worthen, Shropshire, England, Uploaded by Tony67 at 2011/03/02
Tags: Shropshire Worthen Churches

This is a photo of the interior of Worthen church, probably taken in about 1912, and produced by the firm Wilding as one of their postcards. The pre-electricity forms of lighting are particularly interesting [electric fittings were put in in 1927]. Similarly, the view of the church without the tie beams across the nave, which were later added in the major restoration of 1924. At the same time the plaster ceiling, which dated from 1761, was removed. The chancel of Worthen church was also rebuilt in 1761 byRev John Hawkins, and in 1847 a new floor was lain at the time of Rev Charles Awdrey. In the 18thC the bench seats, the 'free seats', between the side pews at the front of the nave used to be positioned at the rear, west end, of the church. There is a brochure by E J C Davis which gives interesting details about the earlier rectors of Worthen; it is called 'A brief history of Worthen parish church', dated 1980. It is possible to view online a transcript of the early Worthen parish records, from 1558 - 1812, on the following website:  These records sometimes include additional interesting information about the history of Worthen parish. Photo made available by Lawrence Blakemore.

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