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Old Collierville
Old collierville commented Mar 16, 2016:


   One problem I have with what you have done with my photos is you've said "the guy", no name, no credit, nothing. Obviously, I am not a guy, and I still do not remember giving you permission to use my photos. The photos you uploaded from my FB page are just photos if you do not have the description, which you don't. Without the details, it's just an old photo. Please email me at so we can discuss this. Are you from Collierville? 

Thank you,


Davidsmith_21 commented Apr 06, 2015:

Hi there, 

i have made all of the amendment to the items you pointed out, were incorrectly archived. Thanks again. I would love to see some images from your archive! Please upload some? A profile picture would be great to! Also what is your name? This profile needs updating! 



Davidsmith_21 commented Feb 26, 2015:

Hi there, several years ago I was on Facebook and friends with someone who had put there collerville archive on there. I asked him if I could share them on this history archive it's free and I felt more accessible than fb. I have long been off fb and don't remember who the guy was. However I very much enjoyed sharing the wonderful archive. Thanks so much for all of the information. I will update over the coming days. Incidentally this site is a place to specifically archive your history. I can't wait to see some! 

Davidsmith_21 commented Feb 26, 2015:

Amazing! Thanks so much for the information. I will amend this and any other entries now. Do you have any other images of her or documents of her? If so please upload them, to help preserve the memory in an historical context. Look forward to seeing or reading your uploads! Best wishes, David 

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